Tonight, the littlest one of the Ohio Grandsons is home from the hospital.  The family is together under one roof, and the Sugarcreek Yutzy Gang is attempting some normalcy, though it has yet to be seen just what that looks like.

Youngest Daughter put in her appearance today.  Home for Spring break.  How I love the way Spring break breaks into the winter months that can be long and dreary.  Many plans for the week ahead.  But lots to do besides.  I’m so glad she is home.

There is much for which to be grateful at the chicken farm on Shawnee Road.  There was a short in one of the plugs on the one feed line in house 3.  A foot of charred ceiling is all there was (in addition to the burnt electrical cord).   I told Certain Man that we must be supposed to raise chickens for a while yet.  That could have been so different!  And those sick chickens that were dying by the hundreds actually just missed average by a fraction of a percent.  No, the check isn’t as good as it usually is, but it still made the Farm Credit payment with some to spare.  So grateful!

I’ve thought of other things that I so often take for granted.  My washer and dryer work.  My kitchen range and oven works.  Certain Man laid by a great supply of pellets this fall and we are warm and cozy.  Old Faithful, our mini-van, has continued to run like a top.  At almost 275,000 miles, I thank God for this servant who has far exceeded our expectations.  I have family who love me and tell me so.

I would be lying to say that everything is okay with life here.  It isn’t.  But there are blessings that are without number.  God is not only alive, He is not silent.  The things that disturb, the things that trouble are not mine to fix.  Let’s remember to pray for those we love.  It is still a best gift.  God’s word tells us that prayer moves the hand of God, and that He inhabits the Praise of His People.  

Prayer and Praise, Praise and Prayer.  Besides God’s word, the mightiest weapons.  All three are the most neglected.  Christians are fighting about so many things today, and we forget that our best weapons are at our fingertips and within our hearts.  Let’s be people who are known for being like Jesus.  And let’s be mighty in His Power, grateful, joyful, people of His Word.

Let’s be people of the Cross, and may the whole world notice.



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  1. So glad the little one is home again. Amen, let’s be people of the cross.

  2. Thank you for this post. So good to be reminded that prayer, praise, and the Word of God are the weapons of our warfare, and they are Mighty! And what a responsibility and privilege it is to pray for one another.

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