Sunday afternoon at Grammy’s house.  

Daddy and Mommy went to Virginia to see Daddy’s cousin, Matt, and his wife, Angela.  I get to stay with Grandpa and Grammy.   I took a (very) little rest with Grandpa on his chair.  

He was snoring, so I pretended to snore, too, and woke him up.
 I decided to get down.

Grammy napped on her chair, too, while I watched Caillou,
but then I convinced Grammy that it was time to do something more interesting.

So we mixed up some cupcakes and I helped a lot with that, and then I washed the dishes with lots of soap and water and splashing about.  
I had to wear my apron:


And then, Grammy gave me Grandpa’s big honey bear that is out of honey.  
She filled it with water for me and I watered the flowers.
They were really dry, though Grammy isn’t sure if at least one of them won’t need water for a week or more:


When I got done with that, the cupcakes were done, so we got them out of the oven:


“H-m-m-m-m,” Said Grammy.  “We need to make some icing for these cupcakes!”

“Yes,” I said.  “We do!”

“Since it is Saint Patrick’s Day,” said Grammy, “shall we make green frosting?”

“Oh, Yes!” I said, “We need to have green frosting!”

So we made green frosting.  I held the mixer and mixed it up.  Grammy helped me.



And then I licked the beaters.  It was so yummy!


Then Grammy put the icing on the cupcakes and I sprinkled the green sugar on them.

And I did it almost all by myself.  Grammy almost didn’t have enough green sugar.

In fact, when I was done, there was no green sugar left in the shaker.  At all.

But all the cupcakes had sprinkles.

So I ate one right away to see if it was okay.

It was.


And now, as soon as Grandpa goes out to feed the calves, I think I will beg to go along.  I got my farm boots that Mommy bought for me from the thrift store, and Grammy has a farm jacket for me.  After that, maybe I will get a bath, since I haven’t had one in a very long time.  (At least that is what I told Grammy when I was begging for one!  Somehow I’m not sure she believes me, but at least I haven’t had one today, I am sure!)

I am getting really tired, too.  It’s hard work keeping things going at Grammy’s house.



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  1. She looks like you!!!  Look at her in that picture with all the cupcakes!!!

  2. Glad to see that someone is keeping that household up there running smoothly! 🙂

  3. Love the snoozing picture, and the lovely quilt they are using!!

  4. What a delightful post! Looks like we were both being grandmas today. We’ve had Max and Bo since Friday. Jeremy’s came this afternoon and they have all left now. This grandma is way to tired to even think of making a post! This morning at church I again remembered why God gave children to young folks instead of older ones. Whew. Just ain’t the ole grey mare I use to be. When do Jess and Christina get back?

  5. @PollythePatchworker – They got in around 10:45 and are gone, too. I couldn’t agree with you more about the plan being that the young people have the children. I don’t know if I could make it with two little boys all weekend. One little girl for most of the day takes a lot of my energy!!! (Grandpa’s too!) I love it, but it does seem like it is time to be done when that Daddy and Mommy get here. And then I think about the fact that there are GREAT-GRANDPARENTS raising little ones, and my heart almost fails me! I know that I didn’t get to be a grandma at a very young age — but still! I honestly don’t know how they do it, and I cannot imagine the toll that it takes on them emotionally — what with any situation that would make it necessary for them to take on children as Great-grandparents, as well as concern for what the future holds if they are suddenly unable to provide care. I am more grateful at this point of my life for the heritage that I’ve been given, and for the choices that our children have made than I have been at any other time in my life. Thank God for His incredible grace!

  6. Your grandbaby girl has grown so much!  I loved hearing from “her” tonight.  I love having my grandbabies, but yes, it is indeed tiring!!

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