The lawn needed mowing at Shady Acres.  Certain Man had been thinking that maybe he could do it, but of course, that wasn’t happening as long as CMW was standing guard.  So a young friend, Dwight, came to mow for him.  Certain Man ordered his chariot (the golf cart) brought, and he rode upon it with a chauffeur’s assistant (that would be CMW) to the inner sanctum of his shop and got the mowing job started.  

Then he wanted to ride about his kingdom to peer with watchful eye upon the various thing that could (and sometimes DO) go wrong.


An electric fence was messed up.     Whether a calf or a steer or a deer plummeted through it, they couldn’t tell.  But something had to be done, of course because the electric wasn’t getting through. The half dozen steers just might escape.

So the two entrepreneurs went over to the shed and turned off the electric.  They got three tools that Certain Man deemed necessary to fix the fence from the seat of the golf cart.  Yep, he was going to fix it.

They went out, through the gate to the corner of the pasture, and he did his thing, and fixed that fence “temporarily” but pretty good, considering the state of the man’s health, and then went back out and closed the gate, and put the tools away properly and got themselves safely back into the house.

“Oh, Hon!” said Certain Man, from the advantage of the kitchen.  “We forgot to plug the fencer back in!”

“No problem,” said CMW, “I’ll just run out there quickly and plug it back in.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” said CM.  “It’s probably okay, to be honest with you, but it would be better to get it plugged back in.”

So CMW hopped onto the chariot and headed back out to the shed where the fencer is located and plugged it in.  It began clicking away like it was supposed to.  And CMW checked to see if she could see the light blinking on the panel that said, “fence working.”  Certain Man had told her that it was too bright to see it as a rule, but she thought maybe she could see it if she got in close to it and cupped her hand around it.  

Which she proceeded to  do.

Alas and alack.  Will she NEVER think???  Just about the time she ascertained that the fence light was indeed, blinking, her nose came into contact with the red post that was directly below that little light.  

Zap!  A sudden tingling made her jerk back with purpose.  Ouch!  That really smarted!  That fencer was really working!  At least at the source!

CMW, feeling chastised, backed away, got back on the chariot and made her way back to the house.  Reported to Certain Man that the fencer was working.

Nursed her pride, but hoped that maybe a good shock to that face would help heal whatever it is that has made it so numb these past few weeks.  No scientific data on that one.  Yet. Perhaps CMW could be part of a control group on such things. 

And that is the news from Shady Acres, where Certain Man’s first physical therapy session is history, and the physical therapist voiced great delight in the degree of bending (already at 106!!!  I worked for five weeks to get that!) and the progress that has been made.  Where CMW is tuckered out from trying to keep CM safe, and all the children are planning to be here this weekend.  (Yep, even Youngest Daughter is coming, after all!)

The house at Shady Acres holds people with grateful hearts!



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  1. Good to hear things are going well.  I must confess…..I had to giggle at your way of finding out the fence was working as it should be.  LOL

  2. I have found electricity in an electric fence in just the same way, although not on the nose.  Boy, does that smart!I’m so grateful with you that CM is doing so well!  God bless!

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