Our whole family  — as in every. single. one. of. us.  
Is home for the weekend.  Because of legal ramifications
there are lots of pictures that I cannot post.
Pictures that would melt your heart, and make you laugh.
Pictures that make a familiar burning behind my eyes.
Our family has been enjoying three little guys
from the bottom to the top of our brimming hearts.

Certain Man,  
whose faithful friend, Gary, took yesterday off,
was blessed by the offers of
Beloved Son in Law and Youngest Son
to do the evening “Chicken Run.”

Aren’t they the handsomest pair you’ve ever seen?
Their wives thought so, too!  (NOT!!!!)

They went out and together made short work
of picking up the dead and combining the results for composting.


Lem carries a dead chicken bucket to the composter


And Jesse fetched the tractor and loader
to top off one of the composter bins.
Another job, well done.
(I don’t think either of them is hankering
to give up their jobs for farming in Slower, Lower DE!)

Lem insists that this is what
he and Jessica
would look like if they had stayed home to farm:

Yes, well . . .
(I honestly never thought that was a possibility!)

Charis is enjoying cousins and fun times.
(Sometimes we can’t go straight to “enjoy”.)
We decided to celebrate her birthday as a Yutzy clan last night.

What fun!
Our love bug is growing up.



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  1. Nice to see what is happening in your slower lower Delaware! Your little Love Bug is indeed growing up! Such a cutie!

  2. A mother’s heart is always happy when each of her children and their children is in one place.

  3. Oh, I wish we could see the pictures! But I do understand. So glad for you. Blessings.

  4. What a blessing to have all your “chicks” gathered together!!  I loved the pics, and little Charis is indeed growing up!! Precious girlie, and I know she LOVED playing with all the cousins!

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