My Xanga site won’t let me upload photos — So here are some of the first ones in my photo storage.

I don’t know what Xanga is going to do.  I haven’t been able to upload my other two sites.

Trouble is, I haven’t had time to decide or develop another site.

I guess time will tell what will happen.  To be honest, I’m disenchanted with Xanga.

But not these people from my long ago postings:

(Looks a LOT different now!

(The same could be said) 


Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law at a supper with Lem’s Reach team at Suicide Bridge in 2005

Middle Daughter helps with potato salad Day in 2006



Oldest Son and His Ohio Heartthrob in one of the first pictures I had of the two of them.


The Girl with a Beautiful Heart and Youngest Son
two and a half years before they got married


My three girls  — what a long time ago!


And a four generation picture with our Love Bug!

It’s a good feeling to look at the old pictures.

It is a blessing to be able to do so.



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  1. I’ve had a bit of trouble with Xanga also. I haven’t gone anywhere else either, except FB but that’s really a totally different type of place. I don’t like it much, but enjoy seeing fam. pics, etc. The latest news from Xanga seems more hopeful. Guess I’ll stay here ’til the end of the month, then, if they start Xanga 2 I’ll try it for a year and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  2. I loved seeing your family in years past, too. And I don’t think you’ve changed all that much! I am only leaving Xanga because even if it does stay alive, I can’t afford the fees. I love so much about this site, and I love the friends I’ve made here. I’m at WordPress, under the same moniker – pettybunch. I chose that site because my DIL and several of my friends from here are there. Also, the archives from Xanga can be moved right over there, so all my years of Xanga are right there on my WordPress! Ridiculously easy transition! I hope to keep in touch with you, no matter where you end up. I have felt so blessed by our online friendship!

  3. That was fun. I remember most of those pictures. So sorry you’re having these xanga issues. Hope you soon find a new home for all your years of posts.

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