I’m stepping out . . .

I have started a new blog site:


My user name is DelawareGrammy.  

(Which, to be honest, fits me far better than “Buckeyegirlie.”  I am hopeful that my new name might weed out a certain segment of society that I never considered when I took that name, whose attentions I am not seeking. . . but who persist with a tenacity that I wish they would use to seek Jesus!)


I don’t know if it will become my favorite or not — but I will admit to trepidation, anxiety and loyalty issues.


Feel free to visit me there and let me know what you think.  


It is by no means finished, but the evolution of this site will take some time.

Thank-you, dear friends, who have blessed me so often over these happy years with Xanga.  I’m not going away.  And for now, at least, I will try to post on both sites.  I suspect the time will shortly come when that will fall by the wayside.  Maybe more by the choices of the owners of this site than mine, but we shall see.

Happy Tuesday to you!



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2 responses to “I’m stepping out . . .

  1. I will follow you on your new site!

  2. I visited, but I haven’t signed up yet, so don’t think I can comment there. I’m still hoping Xanga will survive. I like the idea that the Lord might use one of my posts to reach someone on Xanga who’s not yet a believer.

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