Delaware Grammy steps out

ImageI am attempting to familiarize myself with a new blog system.  

To say that this is out of my comfort zone is more than a little understated.

However.  I have come to realize that I need to start somewhere, so I guess that this will be that start.  I really need to work at it, but it is summer time and life is crazy.

Welcome to Buckeyegirlie’s new blog site, DelawareGrammy.  The new name is a better fit, for both location and life stage.  I hope that we will share many happy moments here together.


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15 responses to “Delaware Grammy steps out

  1. Nene Blevins

    I sooo enjoy your writings! Loved your buckeygirlie’s site and looking forward to the same attachment to this blog.
    Nene B.

  2. Wonderful! And I love the name!

  3. You are an inspiration to the rest of us who reach a different life stage and don’t enjoy leaving the comfort zone.

  4. Dear “Delaware Grammy” only the name has changed. No matter what you call yourself, you cannot change who you are … a God-fearing, compassionate, loving, daughter of the King, who shines with His joy, and brightens so many lives with your writing — especially mine! Hope to “hear from you” often.

  5. This is Shirley. I have always enjoyed your xanga (of course!) and am hoping to continue to enjoy your writings. I like the name, too!

  6. Ruth Hochstetler

    I know the feeling. I’m sure you will figure it out and soon feel comfortable with it. I’m thankful that we can make comments without trying to understand a foreign language.

  7. Polly

    I’m still trying to decide between WordPress and Blogger. I do love your new name. It sure suits you well.

  8. Ruth Harshbarger

    I am looking forward to “hearing” from you on Delaware Grammy.

  9. Faith Zencak

    enjoyed the other site and I am sure I will love the new blog as are a gifted writer! Faith Zencak

  10. Lena Yutzy

    You will have to teach me how to blog since I want to start one during my retirement years. I have been following Gina’s and really don’t care which one I start but I need education on how to do it!!

  11. Julia Umberger

    I have printed and saved many of your xanga postings. I look forward to hearing from you here now!

  12. Clint Yoder

    I would love it if this came to my inbox at gmail like the Xanga, but it is bookmarked and I can find it.

  13. I will miss Xanga, but I am looking forward to reading your blog here!

  14. Zonya

    I’ll enjoy your writing from here as well. You’ll learn the new system soon enough.

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