There is a house that I pass on the way into Milford (on Old Shawnee Road) that Certain Man and I once looked at with some interest in buying.  It was coming up for public auction, and we took a tour to see just what would be needed to get it into living condition.
      It was in terrible shape.  The man of the house had passed away, and his wife, devastated and unable to cope had literally walked away, leaving laundry on the line, lots and lots of cats in the house, and food in the freezer.  Eventually the electric was turned off, and the weeds grew up around what had once been a nice ranch style house in a nice section of town.  I think it had been unoccupied for seven years.  When we went through, the ravages of disrepair and neglect were almost unbelievable.
      We did not buy it.  It went far higher on the public auction than we thought it would, but actually, we did not even go to the auction.  We wouldn’t have known where to start.
       That was over two years ago.  And progress has been slow.  But someone bought it who is making it over in beautiful little increments and it has the look of a beloved home in the making.  Tonight when I went by, there were lights on and the progress of clean, smooth walls with color on them and clean windows drew my heart towards it.  I just wish I could see the inside now.  I wonder what it looks like.  I wonder about this family that has taken this old, damaged house and made it into a thing of beauty and life.
      Coming on home, pondering the things about houses and homes, Middle Daughter beside me calls my attention to the sunset.  It was gorgeous colors of pink and blue and the sun was a crimson slice on the horizon.  As we watched, the colors wove around and changed and only became more beautiful.
      Suddenly, I felt the sting of tears.  And I thought about another home that I know so little about, but that I’ve heard is so beautiful.  It was like the colors and the light from that home were shining through the window, beckoning my thoughts and my heart to think about what it must be like there, wondering about the people who live there, and wishing I could see more.  There are people that I love, living there, and their old bodies, so full of illness and falling into disrepair here have been made new, and there is love and light and beauty.  My  Daddy, Grandparents, and some of our babies are there, and many friends, all brought safely home by The Father, through the work of His Son, Jesus, whose presence in that place makes it HOME.  
      And I want to go there.

Oh, Beulah Land, Sweet Beulah Land,
As on thy highest mount I stand,
I look away, across the sea
Where mansions are prepared for me,
And view the shining Glory Shore–
My Heaven, My Home forevermore.
~Author Unknown


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18 responses to “THIS OLD HOUSE

  1. Thanks Mary, I feel I’m standing on Holy Ground.

  2. That was lovely!  I really enjoy your writing!

  3. You and Lucy have been attracted to beautiful old houses.  It is wonderful to see an old house that has been kept up or lovingly restored.   So much history echoes through the walls. 
    Your analogy was lovely.

  4. RYC on the movie, go to my site.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for that beautiful writing.  Touched my heart.  
    p.s. did you get my email?

  6. ryc: Next Sunday our Small group meets. Usually we have the noon meal together but next Sunday we are planning on going to Genie and Peggy’s in the evening. It won’t always suit everyone and I think we should keep plans like we have. Maybe we will still be able to swing in for a little.

  7. Beautiful posting! Thank you for it!

  8. Isn’t it something how much closer Heaven is after someone we are close to is there?

  9. your entry brought me glory bumps, tears in my eyes and a longing in my heart, I’m so glad this world is not the end!

  10. Last night the Gospel Echoes were at our church, and part of their program was a tribute to Amy Beachy, and they sang a number of “Heaven songs”. There were songs about seeing angels in the room, and then being carried to Heaven by those angels when the time was right; there were songs about the beauty of heaven; songs about longing to go there. We were then challenged to live so that Heaven is our final destination. However, for me, with that comes the sadness and burden for my extended family members and friends who have not accepted Jesus as their Saviour, and a renewed call in my life to pray for them. But what a glorious hope and a future we have!

  11. Thanks for suggesting the Oriental Trading Post.  I found just what I needed to finish stuffing the treasure chest that will be buried for all the little pirates to find and dig up with their treasure map.  Their prices are very reasonable…I found the hats and swords and eyepatches too.  Thanks for sharing again.

  12. Aunt Mary, you have such a way with words! thanks for that…i need remindin’ a lot that this life is only temporary. Just thought i’d let ya know that i love ya to death and i am soo grateful that God has given me a good relationship with you and Uncle Daniel! Thanks for everything you do for me and for all those times you allow me to make myself at home! thanks!

  13. Oh! and i meant to tell you that i love your picture. Tulips are my favorite flowers!!

  14. IRYC:  Thank you for “your witness” … and … I love you right back! 

  15. What a great way to start my day,, my heart was heavy this morning when I woke up and that made it alot better!

  16. ryc: I returned empty handed from my search for “tootie-fruties” . RL would have a time managing a  Sam’s CLub 10 pound box of them in the truck! LOL BTW he claims real men in Iowa don’t eat marshmallows so he’s real careful about what’s in his cereal ! LOL

  17. I am looking forward to this weekend too.=)

  18. I shall try to post one first thing in the morning…..if every thing goes as planned.  I’m sure you remember the ability of young children to make things go differently than the mother had planned. :o)

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