I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack by updating two days in a row, but I really had been working on an update with some family pictures:


This is our crew about six years ago. Certain Man had just started working for the State of Delaware, and the kids got a portrait taken for him for Father’s day for his office.

The six from long ago

Denim, t-shirts and bare feet.  That was our offspringin’ then!!!


How very much they have changed!  (That kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it?)  This is the picture they got taken for Father’s Day this year.  (They did buy a nice arrangement for the Momma, too!)

The seven

There is still bare feet and some denim, but things have gotten more sophisticated!

Some of you saw these on Christina’s site, so you can just skip them if you want to! 

The three boys

Our crazy, ferhoodled young men–

The four girls

And our (mostly) demure and level-headed daughters.

How very much we love all seven of them!


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  1. Mary I love these pictures.  Love the kids even more!  Theys all grown up!

  2. Boy! 6 years surely makes a world of difference, doesn’t it?? I, too, love that whole gang!

  3. Anonymous

    well, I’ll just have to say it again…I love those pictures! 

  4. Hello , great picture’s !!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The are great photos…..and fabulous people!

  6. I really like those pictures

  7. Hey ditto to all of the above!

  8. Count me in,  SWELL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lovely family–they grow so fast!

  10. wow look at the change in your youngest two… from child to young adult…

  11. What a handsome bunch!  Lem’s Girl Jess is even prettier than I remember.  =) 

  12. Family pictures mean so much and when they are portraits planned so beautifully they are even more special as yours are.  Really nice.  Pride is the word for Mom and Dad.

  13. I love the pictures! It so much fun to see how they have changed just in the 6 years! I will be sure and look up your YD next week, we are really looking forward to the week. Wouldn’t that be great if you could come for the Friday program and then you and I could meet, too?!

  14. What GREAT pictures!! That is so special that they went to all the effort to get those taken for you.

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