Last Saturday night, we had our annual Christmas party for the families of the people who work with Certain Man at his office.  Some of these families have been coming from the very first time we had it, five or six years ago.  (I’ve actually lost track!)   We watched some of these children grow up and enjoyed learning to know them better.  Some of these are people who Certain Man worked with before Public Health moved his office to a different building.  Some of them moved with him. 

When we handed out the invitations this year, we wondered who would come and who wouldn’t.  There have been many changes over the last year in this department of Public Health.  There were twenty some families invited, but we knew from experience that less than half would come.  Even those who say they are coming are sometimes deterred at the last minute by other demands of the season.  We decided a long time ago that this night belonged first to our Heavenly Father, and it was up to Him who came and who did not.  We are always glad for each one that comes, but we don’t take it personally when someone can’t make it.

I decided to take pictures as the families arrived.  So often, I leave it until they are leaving, and then someone gets missed.  We had a great group of people (though there were some that usually come who couldn’t for one reason or another, and we did miss them).

Office Party RW Carol and family
Carol and her family

Office Party RW  Yvonne and girls
Yvonne and her girls

Office Party RW  Judy and girls
Judy and her daughter and granddaughter

Office Party RW  Lance and Family
Lance and his family

Office Party RW  CM and Donna
Certain Man and Donna (She’s sorta’ family)

Office Party RW  Dana and family
Dana and her family

  I didn’t get pictures of the “Eating” but we did take random shots of the gathering afterwards.  We gathered together in the living room and Youngest Daughter read the Christmas Story from the Best Book of All.

Office Party RW  Rachel Reads

And then, our faithful pianist, who has helped us for many of the years we’ve gotten together, helped us to get started singing. 

Office Party RW The helper
She had a little extra help, but Karen is terrific any way you cut it.

Office Party RW The girls again
The girlies in the corner.

Office Party RW Ashley and Claire
These two were a joy to watch

Office Party RW  More singing
Around another corner, and up the steps.  Actual participation was pretty much 100%.
It is such a joy to listen to!

At the end, we light candles around the circle, and turn out the lights to sing “Silent Night”

Office Party RW  All is calm
Beautiful faces . . .

Office Party RW All is Bright
Quiet music . . .

Office Party RW Silent Night, Holy Night
Holy ground, Holy joy . . .

And all too soon, it was over for another year.

But while we were sitting around, talking as a family about the evening, Beloved Son-in-law and Eldest Daughter dropped in from BSIL’s Company Christmas Dinner. 

Office Party RW BSIL and ED
Of course, we had to take a picture of them, too. 
The evening wouldn’t have been complete without them.







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  1. What a wonderful outreach for you and Daniel. Those pictures of singing “Silent Night” are the loveliest of all. I’m sure everyone felt the presence of the Lord. I never saw a shot of your stairway before. It looks beautiful!

  2. Mary Ann, I would love to help you prepare for this next year if you’d ask me.

  3. How nice! Very special time. I wish I had been there also but with your nice pictures I feel like I was there.

  4. What a beautiful party and wonderful pictures!! 

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