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  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

  2. A delightful slide show. Loved the picture of you getting your feet done. The first I ever done that was the week before Queena girls wedding.

  3. That was special! thanks!
    You have a lovely family!

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! It was fun to “meet” the family.

  5. Beautiful photos.  Thanks for sharing that special day!!

  6. One down and another to go!  It was so lovely to see your pictures.  Did you find the pedicure relaxing?  That to me is as important as what my feet look like when it is done.  You must be so happy to have a “new daughter” in the family.  She certainly is beautiful!

  7. Very beautiful!  Lovely pictures.
    It just seems like last month when we came over to visit with Mom and you two were discussing on how you decided Lem’s name.  He was younger than Christian I think!

  8. Hello , Great picture’s ! Hope you have a great week-end now to. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a cool slide show!  Beautiful wedding with beautiful people…Oldest Son and Amazing Amanda have their first anniversary in two days….can it be???!!!  Where did the year go???

  10. Beautiful. . .just beautiful! L.

  11. All the pictures are just beautiful! What a lovely way to share them with us! And how are you doing since that special day, my dear?

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