Yesterday, Certain Man and I celebrated 35 years of being married to each
other.  (Please cheer!)    We took a leisurely day — did some shopping for
shoes for him, had early supper out, went to the boardwalk, sat and watched the
waves, got some incredible custard cones from a rinky-dink old shop, did some
exploring on old abandoned state roads, checked out a campground for the
feasibility of renting cabins for a church retreat or family get together,
peered from afar (or should I say “acar”) at a deliciously variegated ornamental
plant nursery, stopped and visited my aunt who was in the hospital, and then were (for me, FINALLY!!!) on our way home around 9:00 pm. 

I talked to Middle
Daughter, still not home from work, and was surprised when she asked to talk to
Certain Man.  But I was even more surprised when he suddenly pulled off the road
and said, “We are going  back for the Brats you wanted for tomorrow night’s


“Because.  I can’t tell you why.  It’s like
Christmas.  You shouldn’t ask questions.”

I looked at the clock on the
dash and I said, “It’s too late for a party tonight, Daniel.  It’s just too

“Well,” he said evasively.  “I don’t really know what the kids are
planning for when we get home.”

Forty-five minutes later we came breezing
into the kitchen to find all of the kids there.  The married ones as well as the
ones still at home.  Their precious faces were shining, and they obviously had a secret,
but there were no noises of “Surprise!”  No party evidence.  Nothing.

I started across the kitchen into the family room, Eldest Son came up behind me
and put both hands over my eyes.  Certain Man came in front of me and took both
of my hands and said, “Shut your eyes, Hon!”   And the children chorused, “Yeah,
mom.  Shut your eyes and don’t peek!”

So I obediently shut both my eyes
and allowed Certain Man to guide me around the end of the table and he stopped
right in what felt like the middle of the family.  “Okay, NOW!” said the Powers
That Be.  “Now look!”

China cupboard

could not believe my eyes!  Certain Man has been talking that he would like to
get a hickory china cabinet for a long time, but with the current economic
status, I never dreamed that he was planning something like this.  I didn’t know
whether to laugh or to cry.  It is just so pretty!  And big!  And has such
economical storage space!  Of course, everyone had to say how they couldn’t
believe that I hadn’t seen it right away, but if they had seen the seven smiley
faces that I saw when walked in, pretty much everything else would have dimmed
in comparison.

I’ve been so blessed, in so many ways.  

Lord Jesus, once again, I
offer grateful praise.


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  1. Am I the first to lay eyes on the beauty? You posted at 1:21 and I clicked on at 1:27! Anyway, your china cabinet is beautiful and I see you wasted no time in filling it. I personally think the contents of a china closet are as attractive and interesting as any picture hanging on the wall! And congratulations on the wonderful occassion. Yes, you are blessed.

  2. Ooooh, SO pretty!   What a wonderful addition.    Happy Anniversary, mom!  🙂

  3. First of all congratulations.  May you continue to love and be blessed by each other.  I’m sure their is a big grin on HIS face.  Beautiful piece of furniture!

  4. Congratulations Daniel and Mary Ann! We will be married 35 years on November 10. That is a beautiful china cabinet. Is it homemade? Albert

  5. It sure is, Albert — Certain Man found an Amish man who does this as a “hobby” and at a much less expensive rate than most craftsman charge — so it comforted my heart greatly to know that it was something the children and he found and could share the cost somewhat and it wouldn’t break the bank.

  6. Happy (belated) Anniversary! What a beautiful gift.

  7. Happy Anniversary!  Sounds like a perfect end to a perfect day. :love:

  8. I want to last that long too. And I will tell hubby tonight I will take one of those cabinets!

  9. Wow so pretty, congrats on 35 yrs, and many many more to come!

  10. Congratulations Daniel and Mary Ann! What a beautiful cupboard, simply gorgeous and even more beautiful is the thinking and planning that went into such a surprise!
    Very  nice!

  11. Happy anniversary to you both, wishing you many more years together. Don’t forget sat. night.

  12. That is BEAUTIFUL – the china cabinet, your lasting marriage, and the family’s love and honor for you.

  13. First congratulations!  I was thinking we were doing well with this fall our 19 year anniversary coming up!  And here you have twice as many as us!  Almost!     Also so happy for you and your gift I am sure you deserve it ENJOY`

  14. So happy for you!  That wood almost looks like cedar.  A very nice addition to your room!

  15. Happy Anniversary to you guys, wow, that is great–35years.  We are just under 1/2 that, but we were older when we got married.  Many blessings to you.  That was a very nice surprise that Daniel and the children got together for you.  You will definitely enjoy it.    Good to find you here in xangaland.  Probably will see you in Plain City again sometime. 

  16. hip-hip- aray, hip-hip-aray, I’m cheering, wow 35 years!! what a beautiful gift!

  17. Cheers! That china cabinet is just gorgeous. I know you will enjoy it for many years to come. And the enjoyment will come partly because of the family surprise behind it.

  18. Mary Ann, Happy Anniversary! I love the china cabinet. Hickory is such a pretty wood. My one sister and a niece have hickory kitchen cabinets and they are so pretty! I love the way your family surprised you. Way to go Shady Maple Gang!

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