Evening Update:


Nelson has a broken neck, crushed vertebra, some broken ribs . . .

He was working on the roof of a two story house as I understand it.  Not roofing, but building a roof.  He said that a board went down through and he went down with it, landing on the bottom step of the inside steps on his shoulders and head.  He said that immediately he knew that he had no feeling, no control over his arms and legs.  What a moment that must have been!  As the day has passed, it has been a wonderful mix of relief and joy to see him begin to move his arms and legs.  Nel says that they still “feel funny” and not right somehow, but the doctors are saying that he can expect a full recovery from the way things look now.  Mark Jr. says that he looks good — has oxygen and a neck brace and an IV but Nel is (was) a fit, healthy 57 year old man, and his careful health habits are definitely on his side.  They say it will be a long, hard haul, but I like what Mark said tonight.  “It’s POSSIBLE!!!  For some long dark hours today we didn’t know if it was humanly possible, but seeing Nel move his hands and feet lifted an incredible load from somewhere in my gut!”
A team of doctors will be meeting in the morning to determine the course of treatment.  They say he may need a halo, he may need surgery, he may need both, or he may need neither.  Rose is spending the night, as is their daughter, Joy.  Clint and Mark and Mike started home several hours ago, they dropped Mike off at his house, and they hope to be home by midnight.  I asked how Nel is handling things, and Mark said that he is very subdued.  He can hardly believe that it happened, and the enormity of what might have been is very real to him.  Please pray that God will minister healing to his spirit and mind even as the body heals.  He is experiencing a great deal of pain, so that is something else to pray about.
Thanks again for all your concern and prayers.  It has made all the difference.


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5 responses to “Evening Update:

  1. What a relief to know he is moving and feeling.  It sounds like he will be O.K. but will be “laid” up for a long while.  I will continue to send my prayers.

  2. So glad to hear of the improvement he’s already made!  God is good!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging update.

  4. Thanks for this encouraging update. I will especially be praying that his pain will not be too great and that God will be with him in the long days of recovery. Albert

  5. Glad to hear a positive update…will continue praying!~Erica

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